Contrary to popular belief, posting a selfie is actually good for your health according to a new study.



You would think that posting a selfie daily is considered narcissistic. Especially, since  six months ago it was! Now, there is a new study out . According to a study out of England, taking a photo every day and posting it on social media improves your well-being. The researchers specifically focused on selfies in general but it can work for any photo, really.

What is the science behind this? In their findings, when you stop to take a selfie it helps keep you motivated and connected with other people from all around the world which helps boost the "feel good hormone." It also helps you to feel less lonely. This can help the single folk out there.

So, go out and take selfies!

Spread the positive vibes and feel good in your own skin. It is a win/win for everyone!


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