How cool is it that we have opportunities like Uber, Lyft, Riide and even Kiddie Kab to help us get from point A to point B. These services have helped so many people.



Crystal Collins who is 22 years old, like all of us, utilized the Uber app to fetch a ride. She needed to travel from Buffalo to Niagara Falls.

The Uber driver, like many of us, chose to be a driver to make some extra cash. When the 41 year old Uber driver picked up Collins, Collins didn't like the route that the Uber driver decided to take.

If you were in this situation, you would probably just say something to the Uber driver. That's what normal people do. Well, Collins took it to another level.

When Collins realized that she didn't like the route the Uber driver decided to take, she hit the Uber driver in the back of the head, pulled her hair AND...


Collins then got out of the vehicle and started kicking the fender according to police.

This is absolutely insane! Collins was charged with second degree harassment and third degree criminal mischief.

Be careful, Buffalo! Make smart choices!

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