Want to go out and express your right to vote? Don't have a ride to get there? Well, have no fear ride sharing is here!



Lyft and Uber are offering discounts for today only at polling places. So, if a "ride" is stopping you from voting, look no further. All you have to do is put in the promo code:

VOTENY1 for half off Lyft rides all day! That's right! Half off!

Uber is offering $10.00 off for today only and exclusions do apply.

So get out there and express your right to vote...

Need to figure out where you gotta go to vote? You can check it out here:

Your voice matters so "get up and vote" now!

Whether you are Red, Blue, Silver, or Gold, it is your right to vote...

Get out there and be part of it!

Happy Polling Day Buffalo!



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