I have read so many crazy stories but this one certainly takes the cake!



A woman in Pennsylvania drove to a convenience store completely drunk. When she showed up drunk, there were several people who wouldn't let her get into her car to drive. Well, the woman was totally not having it...

Melissa Ezzell from Shippensburg, PA flagged down a cop to complain that the people inside the convenience store wouldn't allow her to drive. Well, the cop gave her a breathalyzer and gave her a DUI as she drove to the store drunk.

The kicker? She had kids in the car so she was charged with child endangerment too.

This story is unreal! It goes to show that alcohol really does impair your common sense. I am so glad no one was physically hurt in this situation.

With ride sharing opportunities like Uber and Lyft there is no reason to drink and drive.  Please, drink responsibly.



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