Orchard Park School board just approved a multi million dollar project!




Orchard Park Schools will have a major make over. This project will cost well over !@ million dollars BUT it is for a good cause.

The Orchard Park School Board just approved this major security upgrade to its schools. With how it is this day and age it is much needed.

According to channel 4

"The upgrades include enhanced security at all six main entrances in Orchard Park Schools. Before entering a building visitors would be let into a sectioned off room for screening. After the screening process, they would be allowed inside."

Unfortunately, some of the people on the board didn't approve of this and believe they are spending too much money.

Grandparent Jim Grucella said,

"There's nothing that makes more sense than protecting our children and upgrading our buildings"

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think they are spending too much on this? Is there really a price for security?


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