Passwords, even the thought of the subject is enough to make you cringe.  With all the hacking of large corporations, how do you make sure that your basic information is safe..

A new survey asked people how they keep track of all of their passwords.  And here are some suggestions...

1.  Memory (great but not practical)

2.  My browser saves my passwords.

3.  On a Post-It or another written list near my computer.

4.  In the Notes app on my phone.

5.  Using password management software*.

*There are a number of services specifically established to help you manage your passwords, such as 1Password, LastPass or Dashlane, there is a FEE for some features, beyond the basic service.  Each is basically an online storage locker of your passwords, all stored behind a single password that only you know. The applications are fairly just have to install the programs into your Web browsers to record your login information.

(SWNS Digital)

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