Today we have passwords for everything; our bank accounts, our computer, our phones.  Experts say your shouldn't use the same passwords for multiple things...but how do you remember all of them?  Here are a few ideas:

  1.  Write a clue - never write a password down where it can be seen or retrieved, but writing down a clue that only you understand, can be a helpful way of remembering your password
  2. Create a code - misspelling words or replacing letters with numbers can also be a useful way to create and remember a password.
  3. Avoid common passwords - don't try to be clever of cute using familiar passwords like "123456" or "password".  Also avoid using birth dates or anniversaries
  4. Make a password from a favorite song - like "breakmystride611*4",  or "mysharona!@34K"
  5. Use a secure browser - some browsers like Firefox can store passwords for you. It is nor advisable for a work or publicly used computer

The folks at Small Business Trends have these and even more tips to help you build a unique and memorable password keeping your  information secure, while at the same time making them easier to remember.

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