In case you have this lingering notion in your mind that you have forgotten something this morning...maybe you did.  Yesterday was World Password Day.

Yep, I missed it as well.

Intel created World Password Day — the first Thursday of May — to address the critical need for solid passwords.

Ridiculous? Not really...think of everything you use passwords or passcodes for. Your computer, bank account, I could even enter the radio station or do my show without my passcodes, and they are getting more sophisticated all the time.

How do you create and remember a password?

It’s simple, really. Most operating systems offer an easy way to create and store passwords. Apple’s “Keychain Access” is one example. You can also go online to generate passwordswhich are practically hacker-proof.

Better to be safe in today's online world.  Your cat's name with an asterisk is no longer sufficient.

(National Today)


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