Excitement is in the air as the Buffalo Bills are getting set to open up training camp this weekend and unfortunately, there are members of Bills Mafia who are using the excitement of camp to make a couple of bucks.

This year's Bills training camp this year is once again at St. John Fisher College and the camp was free to attend but you need a ticket in order to get onto the campus.

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Well, a lot of people are excited about the Bills this year, and tickets to the training were all gone as soon as they become available.

Now the tickets and the camp are free, so when I saw that there were people out there selling training camp tickets for tens to hundreds of dollars, it got me super irate.

If you went online to just pick up some tickets to sell because you knew the demand was high, you are a jerk. There are lots of Bills Mafia members who can't afford to take their family to a game or don't want to take their kids to Highmark Stadium, training camp is the perfect place to take a family.

Now, because of greed, some people and families won't be able to experience the joy of watching the Bills in person.

So if you got training camp tickets and can't make the ride to Rochester and St. John Fisher college, you might want to look in your heart and instead of trying to make a quick buck, look around to see what Bills Mafia family could use them to see their favorite superstars in action in person.

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