Dear everyone going to a Western New York pizzeria today,

It's finally Super Bowl Sunday. It's hard to believe the Monday after isn't a national holiday. Even though this year will be extra tough for Bills fans, because this seemed like the year to finally win it all (I know, I know, 13 seconds...), many of us will still be enjoying time with family and friends at big game parties all over Western New York tonight.

What is the one thing that pretty much everyone gets for Super Bowl Sunday? Okay, two things, actually.

Pizza and wings.

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Here in Buffalo, it's not an actual big game party without pizza and wings. Sure, everyone has snacks, beer, pop, dips and other goodies -- but pizza and wings are essentials for Western New York, when it comes to a true Super Bowl party.

But if you are ordering pizza and wings from a Western New York pizzeria today, make sure to be extra patient and courteous to the workers who are going to be working today for the big game.

There will literally be dozens, if not, hundreds of orders at pizzerias across Buffalo today, and it's safe to say some chaos will ensue at these pizzerias. Trying to get people in and out of the door with their orders; keep track of all the different orders (some of the huge); and of course, making sure all the food is hot, fresh and up to standard.

Don't be rude. Don't be impatient. Don't expect perfection, either. If you have ever worked food service, you know how grueling it can be, and on a day like this, it's even more strenuous.

I feel for all the pizza employees today, and those working at Wegmans and Tops today as well. People who forget last minute items, or decide to get their chips and drinks on the day of the big game. Grocery stores will be packed, too.

Let's all have fun, but just remember to be courteous and most of all, patient. Also, if you have not ordered your food yet (as of noon on Sunday), make sure you put that order in as soon as possible.

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