Halloween can be elaborate, especially when it comes down to deciding on whether or not you are planning to match costumes with your significant other (which can be a battle in itself to get your special someone to agree to dressing up with you). However, one couple created a costume that is still iconic years later, showing their epic love story in one outfit (and I do mean one outfit).

I’ve done pair costumes several times, whether it be with my brother, best friend, mom, or significant other, but this couple takes the cake for the most unique (and impressive) costume.

Back in 1985, one Buffalo couple decided to be Niagara Falls for Halloween, but not just the New York side. They purposefully picked this DIY costume idea because the man is a United States citizen, while the woman is a Canadian citizen. 

It’s a perfect idea to go as both the U.S. and Canadian sides of the falls, right?

Take a look at this costume.

I’m curious as to how they turned the corner? Step by step? Regardless, this iconic costume displays their unique love story on top of their commitment to each other to dress up together on Halloween. 

It’s rare to get someone on board with your idea for a couple’s costume -- mostly because everyone has their own suggestion of what pair you should go as, and then of course you have the vision of how the finished costume should look.

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