He didn't want to come to Buffalo.  But he's another one of the people who came here and saw how great it was.  Now, he's hanging up his cleats.

LeSean McCoy came to Buffalo on a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles for linebacker Kiko Alonso.  I remember the night the news came through that the trade had gone down and I thought, "What the heck did Rex Ryan do now??"

I was huge on Kiko Alonso.  He had really impressed in camps, he was incredibly athletic and was looking like he was going to be a big-time impact player for years to come.  And we just trade him away??

I can admit I was wrong on that one...it turned out to be a pretty good trade.

Alonso went on to play for a couple more years but never really had the huge impact on any team that we thought he might have here in Buffalo.

McCoy was a Pennsylvania guy.  He always played there.  From high school, to college, and then with the Eagles, he wanted to be there forever.  Then they traded him away...and to Buffalo nonetheless.  The Bills hadn't had a winning season in years.

But having "Shady" on the field was electrifying.  He was one of those backs that could break a big play at any moment, and in quite a few instances he did!  You can't argue with his production.  Will over 11,000 rushing yards, he is at #22 of all time when it comes to NFL Rushing Leaders. He turned out to be a great player for the Bills and a great teammate.  He went on to rush for over 1100 years in 2016 and 2017.

However, his contract made it tough for the Bills to keep him in 2019.  They ended up cutting him.  He spent some time on the Kansas City Chiefs and then on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (so he was able to get his rings after all...).

But now he's decided to call it quits.  His time in the NFL is up and he will be retiring as a Philadelphia Eagle on Friday.  Best of luck to Shady in whatever he decides to do next.  He was awesome to watch and cheer for while he spent his time here in Buffalo...even if he didn't choose it.

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