Unfortunately the best part of being a Bills fan over the last 20 years has been the offseason.  We never seem to do enough during the season, but there have been a lot of years where it seemed like we won the offseason.


The Free Agent signings of Takeo Spikes, Mario Williams, Terrell Owens, and trading for somebody like LeSean McCoy always brings the city to a fever pitch before the season starts.  It's after the season starts that our problems occur.

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
Getty Images / Tom Szczerbowski

Our trade partner in this past years draft, the Kansas City Chiefs, have just released a Probowl wide receiver that would fit nicely in our offense.  On top of that, our players are already trying to recruit him, and we do have a need at the position.  And really, if you don't think we have a need, just wait until week 2 of the season when our top 3 receivers are out for 9 weeks.


Jeremy Maclin was a first round pick of the Eagles back in 2009, and has spent the last 2 seasons with the Chiefs.  He is a complete receiver who would immediately upgrade our situation and be a solid presence in the locker room and a leader on the field.  Also, as is always the case, our current top 2 receivers (Sammy Watkins/Zay Jones) are both still recovering from injuries.


The Bills cap space is tight, but not so tight that it can't make this move happen.  A carefully constructed deal could lock in a player like Maclin and hopefully have us on our way to breaking a 17 year drought!  We need to break it before it can vote and drink!!

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