The Buffalo Bills are setting up a press conference on Monday to explain about a starter who received a "very serious" injury.  Who could it be?It's never good to hear that someone has gotten hurt.  It's even worse news when it's a starter from your team.  According to The Buffalo News, the report first came from Scout Fantasy.  However, no other information has been provided aside from the fact that it's a starter and they determined that it was a "career ending injury."

Why didn't they just make the announcement?  They're respecting the player's request not to be identified yet.

So who could it be?  Again, we hope it's not any of them, but that's not what it looks like.

My initial thought was that it might have been one of our two players in the Pro Bowl this year - LeSean McCoy or Richie Incognito.  But they were practicing after the announcement.

So the next thought is that it might be one of the players that had surgery in the off season - Zay Jones, Kelvin Benjamin, Charles Clay

There are rumors out there as to which player it might be.  At this point we don't want to make any assumptions and we want to respect the wishes of the player.  Our prayers go out to him and his family at this time.

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