A mafia hitman from Rochester, who was in federal custody in Florida, has escaped. The mobster killed three people. He was previously locked up at a medium-security federal prison in Florida, before being transferred to a halfway house in February. Dominic Taddeo, 64, did not return to the halfway house on March 28 after he was authorized to go to a medical appointment. His status is listed as "escaped" on the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons' website.

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Federal Bureau of Prisons

Taddeo was a member of the mafia in the Western New York and Finger Lakes regions of New York State,

The Rochester Crime Family was an Italian-American organized crime syndicate based in Rochester that existed, in a centralized organized form, from roughly 1950 to 1993. Part of the American Mafia, or La Cosa Nostra, the Rochester Crime Family can trace its roots to various Italian-American crime groups, notably the Black Hand, a Camorra racket of the early 20th century, and later Buffalo's [WWW]Magaddino Crime Family, of which the Rochester family has direct lineage.

According to Roc Wiki Taddeo was an enforcer, a mafia member who performs killings on behalf of the organization. It describes him as an,

Alleged hit man for the mob. Also involved in plot to bust drug lord Carlos Lehder out of prison and sell him back to the Medellin Cartel in Colombia.

In 1992, Taddeo pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges, including the murders of three people. In 1982 and 1983, during mob wars in New York, he fatally shot Nicholas Mastrodonato, Gerald Pelusio, and Dino Tortatice.

In 2021 he requested a compassionate release from prison, but it was denied by U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci Jr. in WNY.

Credit: 10 Tampa Bay via Youtube

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