During their owner meetings this week, the NFL has issued a new policy where it will require players to stand when the National Anthem is played in the stadium.

The issue of kneeling in protest started two years ago when former San Fransico Quarterback Colin Kirkpatrick knelt during the anthem to raise awareness of the treatment of African Americans by police.

Since his initial protest, several other players on different teams also knelt during the Anthem as a form of protest.

Yesterday the NFL announced that they have banned players from kneeling during the National Anthem while on the field. Players can choose to stay in the locker room if they don't want to stand.

According to the new rule,  players have to "stand and show respect for the flag," so raising a fist or linking arms could also be deemed a violation of the rule.

If a player of team members choose to kneel during the Anthem, the team will be fined at the league's discretion.  Individual teams can also impose their own penalties or fines on their personnel.

The NFLPA went to Twitter to share their opinion of the ruling.


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