We love news bloopers, right? I mean, who doesn't? They're all over social media, including those amazing YouTube compilations that literally have people in tears.

I love watching news bloopers with friends and just enjoy the non-stop laugh, especially when there is a dog involved. This next blooper qualifies.

I was scrolling through Twitter and saw this news blooper from Southern Ontario, roughly Toronto and close to Buffalo, NY. It was pulled from TikTok.

It shows a weatherman giving the forecast to viewers, or should I say, attempting to do a weather report.

That's because a dog decided to crash the party and stumbled upon the set in front of the green screen. You can see the dog in front of the weather graphics for the entire clip until the weatherman politely asks the dog to shoo away from the shot.

It's one of the best videos I've ever seen in my life and no, I'm not exaggerating. I've watched it quite a few times already.

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I love how the dog is genuinely curious as to what's going on. Like, 'what is up with all the bright lights and commotion?"

If we could just get an endless stream of news blooper videos that involve dogs that would be fantastic. Dogs added to any situation make it instantly better, including news bloopers.

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