**UPDATE*** The heat advisory has been updated to include all of Western New York.

Summer is officially here and so is the summer-like weather. Today we can expect another round of hot and humid weather across New York.

In fact, it is going to be so hot and humid that a heat advisory has been issued for parts of New York State for today.

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The National Weather Service in Buffalo has issued a heat advisory for the following counties in New York.


The heat advisory is in place from 11 am until 6 pm today.

With temperatures in the upper 80s and the heat index in the upper 90s to possible triple digits inland, residents are being warned about possible heat exposure danger.

Also, make sure any outdoor pets have a cool shady place to rest and plenty of water to drink.

It doesn't look like there is much relief in the forecast as well. We are going to see the temperature remain in the 80s with high humidity through the weekend. Rain and Thunderstorms are also possible through this week due to the high humidity.

It looks like we might get a small break from the heat starting next Monday. The high for Monday is only expected to be around 73.

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