I'm sorry, I just can't get behind this.

(See what I did there?)

The cut-out trend in fashion took a big leap last summer.  It ran through bathing suits, tops, and bandage dresses alike.

I actually enjoyed the shoulder cut-out sweater trend. It's still around, but it's starting to fade (along with cooler temperatures).

Townsquare Media / LD
Townsquare Media / LD


Proving the point that eventually everything becomes a trend, at least for a minute, "plumber chic" may be gracing your behind.

Vetements, a high-fashion company, recently released new jeans with a zipper...on the butt.  Why?  So you can expose different levels of crack, depending on your mood.

Once only reserved for plumber jokes, now everyone can intentionally suffer the embarrassment of an exposed moon.

Since the company's prices are pretty steep, you may not be interested in taking out a second mortgage to afford to be so "fashion forward".  We're sure there's a DIY version of it if you REALLY wanted to jump in on this.

But would you?

We've been through some pretty weird trends...when I was in elementary school, a cool thing to do was to wear your clothes inside out.  Not backwards, ala Kriss Kross, but inside out.  Some said it was to show people the label, so they knew how cool you were to have that particular brand.

Shoulder pads that made you look like a linebacker were, literally, huge.  "The bigger the shoulders, the smaller the waist" was the theory.

Hammer pants were a thing...then they weren't...then they were again. (Thanks, Bieber...)

Will you get behind this butt-revealing trend?

This just SCREAMS an old SNL skit to me....enjoy the memories....

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