The goal was to add parking spaces and to bring people to the city, but after public outcry, a resolution was in need.

"I hate trying to find parking downtown."

It's a major complaint of people who often don't come to the city.  Whether you're coming for a Sabres/Bandit's game, coming to canalside, or just stopping in to do some shopping or grab a cup of coffee, parking could be a hassle.

Buffalo is rapidly growing and officials obviously want as many people to spend their money here as possible. So the city decided to offer extra spots to park.  However, with extra spaces, parking policies were about to change too.  The rate was about to go from $1 to $2 an hour.  Free parking on nights and weekends was about to become a thing of the past too.

So the public wrote a petition and filled it with thousands of signatures.

The new resolution was just released and some compromises were made to the original proposition.  The rate is still going up.  It will still cost $2/hour to park.  The new parking spaces were added in areas around Key Bank Center so there will be extra options there.  And free parking will remain on nights (except during certain special events), weekends, and certain holidays.

Are those the changes that we needed?  Is $2/hr too much to ask?

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