Everyday someone visits a gas station, at least once a week it's probably you.  There are things you automatically know NOT to due when getting gas.  Don't smoke, don't leave your car running to name just two.

But it may surprise you to know that there are more important things to remember when you are fueling up. Here are just a few from Readers Digest:

  • Avoid re-entering your vehicle while fueling, a static charge could easily transfer to the gas nozzle which undesirable results.
  • Don't use your cell phone at the pump, not for the risk of fire which is probably exaggerated, but because distraction may cause you to drive away with the nozzle attached to your vehicle.
  • Always lock your car when at the pump.  Thieves often practice something called "Sliding" where they enter the car from the passenger side taking a purse or valuables sitting on the seat.
  • Topping off the tank, or rounding-up is also a bad idea. Because of a fact not know to most consumers. Gasoline needs room to expand and when you top-off your tank it can cause a build up in pressure resulting in a dangerous leak.

For other tips on filling up check out Readers Digest.


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