A wee abandoned puppy (10 weeks old) with a secondary tail, in the middle of his head is becoming the darling of social media.

BBC News is actually following the story of this adorable pup,

The puppy" has been taken in by an animal rescue center in Missouri."

Staff at Mac's Mission, which is predominantly for animals with special needs, have called the puppy Narwhal.  They had been told there was "no medical need to remove" the extra tail as it caused him no pain, they said. And the popularity of photos of Narwhal on Facebook had helped raise awareness of the rescue center's work.

Rochelle Steffen is the woman behind Mac's Mission and say Narwhal "is in no pain and plays for hours."

Writing on Facebook, Ms. Steffen said  Narwhal was named after a type of whale that has a single large tusk.

And X-rays had showed his secondary tail, about a third the size of his actual tail, was not connected to anything and served no purpose other than to make him the "coolest puppy ever".

Steffen's adds,

Narwhal was one of hundreds of dogs dumped in rural Missouri.Those taken in by Mac's Mission, who mostly had special needs - deformities, clefts, trauma, "anything major", would otherwise be more likely to be put down, she said, so "there is a great need to give them a chance".  We give them that chance."

Can you adopt Narwhal? "Narwhal is not yet available for adoption as the staff wants him to "grow a bit more and truly make sure the tail doesn't become a bother or a problem".

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