When I finally get some time to sit down and relax I love to read a good book or watch television. There are so many good shows to watch. I have to admit it. I am a fan of junk TV as I call it. It would be the equivalent of junk food. You know eating it is bad for you but it just tastes so good. You may even hide it in the back of the cupboard. Here is a list of my top guilty TV Pleasures. The fact that I am admitting it is a step in the right direction.... of watching it a little more. Shame on Me.

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    The Real Housewives of New Jersey. -Bravo

    After Danielle left the show I was not sure what would happen. The rest of the ladies are all friends and get along pretty well. It was all of them against Lil' ol Danielle. Danielle would say and do the craziest things. Her group of friends"Danny " helped to add to the craziness.

    The show now focuses on Theresa and her ongoing family feud. Theresa keeps the fire burning and seems to be the cause of the problem. She is mean to her sister in law and her husband is another story. There's not much laughter this season. Instead we are left shaking our head and saying what a shame.

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    The Real Housewives Of Atlanta -Bravo

    Ooooooooooooohhhhh goodness. I don't know what to say about this show. Would the real housewife please stand up. The ladies on this show are made up of , one mistress, two ex-wives, one ex-fiance, one wife and a male diva named Dwight. The lead character is NeNe Leakes. There was a time when she only embarrassed her self on RHOA, now she gives a better taste on Celebrity Apprentice. Bam.

    If you are ready to see true drama, comedy and a girl fight this is the ultimate. We have watched these ladies go from Glam to____________...... You fill in the blank. Two friends Nene And Kim are always at each others throats. People are always speaking of the attorney who is married to the extremely handsome convicted criminal Apollo. You couldn't make this stuff up.

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    I am a fan of both shows. How could you not love the intrigue and mystery of the show. I always try and figure out who it could of been. I have not solved a case yet. I guess it's a good thing I work in radio and I am not a Detective for Buffalo PD. When this show comes on I am ready to watch with a nice bowl of popcorn. I have to admit I watch the show to look at Chris O Donell and LL Cool J. Wheew, there I said it.

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    Hoarders - A & E

    I can't turn away from this show when I see it. I am absolutely amazed at what I am seeing. I have never seen anything like it in my life. A woman had a refrigerator that was filled with old food and living creatures. She became angry at the people attempting to remove it. I wanted to take a match and burn the whole place down. Cleaning it would be to much work. It would be easier to tear it down and rebuild the whole house.

    DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW WHILE CONSUMING ANY FOOD OR BEVERAGE. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Until this show aired I thought that hoarders were people who liked to collect things and they could not let it go. There are many things that we have that remind us of something or someone. Hoarders takes my junk drawer to a whole new level. I don't believe most viewers in America realized that this was so prevalent.

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