Lights, Camera, Action one more time here in Western New York.

Another film company has returned to the area to film a movie.

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Western New York has been a destination for filmmakers over the last several years and with all snow, this area has been perfect for directors and producers who are making Christmas movies.

This week another film crew is in town shooting on-site at Vidler's Five and Dime in East Aurora. The historic retail store has been featured in several Christmas movies already and will now be the backdrop for another one.

Vidler's sent out an email welcoming the crew this week to the store for the film session.

If it's February and the temp is dropping and snow is gently falling it means one thing -- a new Christmas movie being filmed in the area and at the store! One of the reasons Fred Olen Ray keeps coming back to WNY is for the authentic, winter weather, and usually Mother Nature has cooperated. Filming inside and out at the store today and tomorrow.

East Aurora has been home to several Hallmark and America Movie Channel Christmas movies over the past several years, but Christmas movies aren't the only films being shot in Buffalo.

From independent films about the local Urban Myth "Pig Man" to blockbuster films starring A-List actors like The Quite Place 1 and 2 and Brue Almighty, Buffalo, and Western New York are becoming Hollywood East.

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