We've all had Thanksgiving Dinner mishaps, which may cause "misgivings" (if you'll excuse the pun).

According to a new survey, 6 out of 10 people say that Thanksgiving dinner NEVER goes exactly like it's planned . . . and the average person says it's usually not one thing that happens but several . . . including:

1.  Not all of the cooking is done on time.

2.  Running out of wine.

3.  Spilling something on the floor.

4.  Forgetting a key ingredient in one dish.

5.  At least one thing is cold by the time it's served.

6.  Running out of food before everyone gets some.

7.  Cooking something wrong.

8.  Forgetting someone's food allergy or dietary restriction.

9.  The turkey is burnt.

10.  The turkey is dry.

Or the dog grabs the turkey off the counter, minutes before the guests arrive.  It was too hot for the pup to eat, but... was it served or not...hmmmm.

(Yahoo News)


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