As you are staring bleary-eyed at the road or at the pile of work on your desk you may not believe what I am about to tell you but Monday is the MOST productive day of the week.

Workers generally say they're the most productive on Mondays . . . and while that is largely true, productivity decreases slightly every day after that.

29% of people feel most productive on Mondays . . . 27% peak on Tuesdays . . . 20% on Wednesdays . . . 13% on Thursdays . . . and only 11% on Fridays.

So this does make sense to should be most rested Monday providing you have at least one weekend day off, and you are NOT a party animal.

The survey also found that 4 out of 10 people say they're most productive early in the morning.

Workplace situations may make a difference as well.  Whether you are in an open office (cubicles), private office with door, working from home or working offsite.

I think my biggest drawback of working in an open workplace would the opportunity to be overly social.

Whatever your's a new week, fresh start and there is still time to take tomorrow off.

(Robert Half)

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