It looks like the TV news landscape is changing again.

It was reported that WGRZ TV news anchor Michael Wooten has left the station. According to the Buffalo News, Wooten has left the station after 14 years.

Wooten had most recently been the anchor of the Townhall news program on WGRZ at 5:30 pm. Wooten's contract was expected to expire at the end of August and it looks like WGRZ and Wooten couldn't come to terms on a new deal.

The Buffalo News reported that Wooten was looking for a new role at the station but was told by station management that he would no longer be working at the station. Wooten has been taken down from WGRZ's website and his last post on Twitter was back on August 10th.

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WGRZ has not announced who would be filling in Wooten's spot, but they have changed the format of the 5:30 pm town hall program to a normal 30-minute newscast.

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