As parts of the snow belt in New York continue to dig out from two massive snow events over the past two months, more lake effect snowstorms are still possible along the lake shore.

Lake effect snow is caused by colder weather moving over warm lake water and both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario have remained warmer than normal for the past couple of months.

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Because the temperatures have been above average, ice hasn't been able to form over the lake and this will lead to more chances for lake-effect snow to impact parts of New York.

According to meteorologist Andy Parker, as of December 27th, Lake Erie was only 24% covered in ice.

  Even the blizzard over Christmas weekend was impacted by warmer temps along Lake Erie. Since the lake hasn't frozen up yet along the shoreline the winds from the blizzard blew water up over the walls and lead to homes and restaurants being encased  


With the temperatures dropping this week hopefully more ice will form along the lakes and the chances of lake-effect snow will also drop.

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