A man goes over Horseshoe Falls, survives with non-life threatening injuries

Ken Pilon

The Niagara Parks Police Service says a man was swept over the Horseshoe Falls.Around 4 a.m. Tuesday, officers responded to a report of a person in crisis at the brink of the Canadian side of the falls.

Police then searched the lower Niagara River basin.   "The man was found sitting on the rocks at the water’s edge."  This is beneath the 'Journey behind the falls' observation deck.

The man was taken to the hospital for assessment and treatment. The man's identity has not been released.

WIVB adds,

While infinitesimally rare, people have gone over the falls and survived before; notably, Kirk Jones who became the first person to live after a fall without a protective device in 2003. He died after a plunge over the falls in 2017, believed a stunt gone awry.

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