Lynda Carter the original Wonder Woman could star in the Wonder Woman sequel...


Lynda Carter said she is talking to the director of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins to potentially star in the sequel. I thought it was sort of weird not having her in the first one. Lynda Carter is the official Wonder Woman so you would think that they would have included her in the first place.

Gal Gardot did play an amazing Wonder Woman, but again, trying to incorporate Lynda Carter somehow is key to the success here.

Lynda Carter was on the today show and Megyn Kelly asked her if she is going to be in the next movie and Lynda's response was,

""That is up to [director] Patty Jenkins.  I've been talking to her about it.  She has given me some hints about it, and I guess it's up to Warner Brothers if they want to spend the money.  You can write letters and tell them."

People of Buffalo, let's start writing letters to make this happen!!!!

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