Huge concert coming up and proceeds go to Domestic Violence Awareness.



My band, Surrender Reality  has been part of this event for almost five years! This show holds a special place in my heart. This is the 9th year that Suzanne Suchan, founder of Love Shouldn't Hurt, held this concert.

Suzanne Suchan was a victim of domestic violence for 22 years.

Coping with PTSD and alcoholism she finally bottomed out and started her road to emotional recovery, founding Love Shouldn’t Hurt Inc to help others regain confidence and re-develop  self-esteem. Since 2010 she has studied personality and generational factors that may show indicators of persons likely to abuse or be abused.  She has studied astrological factors and looks for planetary patterns to show potential warning signs or characteristics of someone likely to give their power away and become abused.

Suzanne has supported hundreds of men and women around the world with the issues involved with domestic violence, working from her living room. She has presented at schools, colleges, businesses and agencies  to explain the dynamics and prevalence of domestic violence. She had a radio show for several years featuring local bands and small businesses and in 2017 launched the 'You can! with Suzanne' television show on Spectrum public access, featuring local and traveling guests ranging from small business to bands to metaphysical healers and psychics.

Each year she holds a 3-day concert to raise awareness and provide much needed resources to those who are trying to get out of a dangerous situation called the EXPOSURE Concert. The ‘exposure’ concept is to expose the corruption, the denial, the cover-up and the hush-hush factor that most people connect with when they hear the term ‘domestic violence.’  Her mission is to show society to stop sweeping the issues under a carpet and expose reality while continuing to help victims to safety, and becoming a victor.

Love Shouldnt Hurt Inc is a 501c3 NY charitable organization. Their motto is "Find yourself, love yourself, be yourself, and be proud."

The event kicks off this Friday, June 22nd at The Cove in Depew, NY at 7 p.m.

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