I met Colton Schmidt on Sunday where he and I were the celebrity Judges for WNY's Got Talent...



For those of you who do not know, Colton is a punter for the Buffalo Bills. Colton has such a nice demeanor to him. Colton is super nice and friendly and we chatted about everything! Relationships, kids, talents, dating, and even food!

Mel from Mel's School of Music (no connection to Melody) was a great hostess and fed us chocolate, pizza, water, etc... Colton didn't have pizza, or the goldfish that were at the table. There were lindt chocolates that I annihilated! (I can't pass up chocolate)

After delving deeper into our convo he told me he hasn't had chocolate in 5 years! 5 YEARS! That is a travesty in and of itself! I had to change that...

I fed him a white chocolate truffle from Lindt's. He responded with, "Wow! This is absolutely amazing!"

In his defense, he is really lean and I don't think there is an ounce of fat on him. He certainly takes care of himself but when he said he didn't have chocolate in 5 years I HAD to change that! LOL. Perhaps I am a bad influence? Just don't blame me if the Bills loose this Sunday! (NOT MY FAULT!)


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