An asteroid bigger than a jumbo jet is on course to come close to the Earth and moon on Tuesday.  Its been about 35 years since a space object of this size has graced the proximity of our planet.  But not to worry, scientists say it will miss us.  According to the Associated Press, the asteroid named 2005 YU55 is being watched is being monitored by radar as it heads our way.  The closest approach will occur around 6:38 pm Tuesday.  If the asteroid was to crash into earth, it would create a crater some four miles across and 1,700 feet if calculations are correct.  Scientists have been keeping an eye on the spinning, spherical object since its discovery in 2005 and are sure it won't cause us any harm.

If you want to catch a glimpse, you'll need a 6 inch or larger telescope and know just where to look according to the experts.

Starlight, starbright!

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