This week we have enjoyed a nice "mini-summer" across Western New York.

Don't get to use to it. We are looking at a major drop in the temperatures coming up this weekend, with possible snow showers on tap Monday night and into Tuesday.

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So when can we expect to see the temperatures get back into the 70s? It is going to be a while.

The average temperature in Buffalo for the month of April is around 52 degrees. While we have been well above that this week, we will get back to more normal temperatures next week and beyond.


Looking ahead at the 10-day forecast, we are seeing the 40s and 50s in the forecast.

What about the month of May? Will temperatures rebound and bring some warm weather along with May flowers? Don't hold your breath.

The average daily temperature for the month of May in Buffalo is 63 degrees. This is nice but defiantly not summer-like shorts and tank top weather.

The best chance we have to make it back into the 70s is in the middle of May. According to the monthly forecast from Accuweather, May 18th, 2023 is the next time we are expected to see a high temperature above 70 degrees.

The forecast for that day is mostly sunny skies with a high near 72. Looking ahead, that seems to kick off a pretty long run of temperatures of above 70 for the area. In fact, most of May is expected to be above the average daily temperature of 63.

So go out and enjoy the 70s this week, because we won't see them for a long time.


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