Imagine one of your fellow workers is soon to celebrate their 20 anniversary at your place of business…on top of that it was also her 60rh birthday but she contracted COVID-19 and lost her car…so what can you do to make her feel special…

Maybe get her a dozen roses, a gift basket, a gift card for take out at her favorite restaurant...think BIGGER...

WIVB-TV reports the staff at the United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia immediately went to work to surprise Catherine Weatherbee upon her return. The staff came together and raised money to get her a CAR.  Not a used or a "previously loved' vehicle...a BRAND NEW CAR.

“She’s such a selfless soul and she gives to everyone around her, you can’t help but love her,” Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Loffredo said.

“This is my family — UMMC,” Weatherbee said. “I have no family out in the public, but I have a family here.”

About 50 people donated to the GoFundme to finance Catherines’s new wheels

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