You could possibly enjoy an adult beverage while watching your favorite movie...



Picture this, you are at a movie theater about to embark on a movie you've been dying to see... You head to the concession stand, and now you can purchase a refreshing adult beverage to go along with your popcorn. Sounds like heaven, right?

Well, AMC Market Arcade 8 Theater on Main St. Buffalo applied for their liquor license. If they get approved for their liquor license it would be absolutely epic!

There was a sign on the AMC Market Arcade 8 Theater on Main St. in Buffalo that stated,

"American Multi-Cinema Inc. has applied to allow on-premises sales of liquor."

There are very specific conditions for a movie theater to get approval though. It can take quite sometime to get an approval for this. If this does get approved, it can change the way we see movies forever!

How excited are you for this?



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