My poor daughter, Joelle. She took these pictures of me having an LED facial at Pur Life Medical Spa.

So, what is it, how does it work?  First, it's non-invasive (love that) skin care treatment that uses light therapy to stimulate collagen production, which then helps your skin look plumper, and helps minimize fine lines. It also treats sun damage and reduces redness and acne.

Had to try it, right? Even if my daughter said I was lame.  Besides feeling like I was at a futuristic masquerade, or something out of a very scary movie, this was rather painless, and kind of relaxing. You can find more information on LED facials at Pur.Life.

Dang, I forgot to take 'after' pictures.  Do you think I should ask my daughter?  Will do, and get back to ya!

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