Last week, there was a car accident on the corner of Lake Avenue and Abbott Roads and the people in one of the cars got out and started shooting before fleaing on foot before running behind Sacred Heart into a field. The incident sparked a Code Red in the town's of Hamburg and Lackawanna and the residents were tol to stay in their houses via phone and text messages.

They have no turned themselves in.

According to the Buffalo News:

Louis Rivera, 22, and Christian Vargas, 19, were accompanied by the Rev. James Giles, executive director of Buffalo Peacemakers, when they turned themselves in at 8 a.m. at Lackawanna Police Headquarters on Ridge Road, confirmed Capt. Joseph Leo. Rivera and Vargas are being charged with weapons possession and reckless endangerment and were to be arraigned by Judge Kenneth Szyszkowski in Lackawanna City Court

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