Early this afternoon the fire department was called out to battle a structure fire off of Geneseese road in Lancaster.

According to WNY Fire Alerts, fire crews were called out to the Boston Hotel Steak and Crabhouse around 1 pm this afternoon for a structure fire. It looks like at the time of this post it was a two-alarm fire.

You are asked to avoid the area while crews work on the current situation this afternoon. Currently, it looks like traffic is slow headed eastbound on Genesse near the scene of the fire.
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This is not the first time fire crews have been out to the Boston Hotel Steak and Crabhouse. back in May of 2020, a fire alarm was set off. When crews arrived on the scene, it was determined that no fire was on scene and the crew left.

As we get more information about the fire we will update this post.

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