Super cute Japanese pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is well-known in Japan and beyond for her insanely colorful and wacky music videos, often featuring an assortment of quirky outfits and costumes, crazy sets and characters (like, for instance, an anthropomorphic onion puppet with googly eyes), and adorable (kawaii!) J-fashion motifs that look as though they've been ripped straight off the streets of Harajuku.

A combination of the strange and unusual, Kyary's music typically sits at the intersection of cute and bizarre, with visuals that are as much Hello Kitty as they are J-Horror. Case in point? The Tokyo pop idol's latest newly released video, "Crazy Party Night: Pumpkin no Gyakushū"—or "Pumpkin's Counterattack."

Despite it still only being August, it seems Kyary can't wait for Halloween, as the video is completely Halloween-themed. (Not that we can blame her; we're already counting down the days ourselves. No judgements!) In the clip, Kyary—donning a relatively normal pink skirt-suit set and blonde wig—appears on a television set as a cute TV reporter as she enters a suspicious-looking house to investigate a party. Inside, she meets an assortment of creepy, candy-colored characters, like neon pink and yellow zombies, giant teddy bears, and anthropomorphic... birthday cakes.

After getting chased around the cutesy haunted house, TV reporter Kyary stumbles onto a dance party and sees her pop star doppelganger dancing with the unusual party guests. Afterwards, we meet yet another Kyary, this time in the kitchen, cooking up a toy stew. And yes, it's all a little confusing, but that's exactly the point of a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video. Take a look, below:

"Crazy Party Night" will be available for purchase September 2, giving you enough time to add it to your freaky Halloween party playlist.

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