How often do you find your kid in possession of your phone? Or the tablet? Or the iPad? 

It probably happens more than you’d like to admit, but if you are not cautious, your kid could end up placing a rather pricey online order from your credit card…for whatever they desire.

Maybe it’s something you said “no” to in the past. Maybe your recent product searches popped up as an advertisement while your kid had the device, and they accidentally clicked on it…or perhaps they just really wanted cheeseburgers.

One woman in Texas was shocked when she found her 2-year-old-son Barrett had grabbed her unlocked phone and ordered 31 cheeseburgers on DoorDash.

Like a true gentleman, Barrett tipped $16, which is about 18% of the cost of the order.

There’s a picture of him with all of the cheeseburgers, and he looks so happy.


“Alexa, play Cheeseburger in Paradise?” 

Barrett’s mother posted a response after the picture of her son surrounded by cheeseburgers.

“This is nice…I always wanted to go viral for a giant mom fail ” Kelsey Burkhalter Golden said in the next Facebook post. 

The family has since been featured on Good Morning America for the 

Cheeseburgers do not seem to be a concern for Buffalo parents when it comes to spur of the moment purchases, though these 14 items are. 

Take a look below to see the 14 craziest orders that have been placed by a Buffalo kid – without mom or dad knowing.

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