Kid Rock is going back out on tour this summer.  The tour is called the "Bad Reputation Tour" but it won't be coming through Buffalo.

Kid Rock is making headlines today after responding to some of his fans on Facebook while updating them about the new tour. In the video he says that some fans had reached out to him with concerns about the upcoming tour and that they wouldn't be going to shows that would require that they are vaccinated or have mask mandates.

His response was, "If there end up being mandates by the time I get there, you'll be getting your money back...because I won't be showing up either."

He goes on to mention two shows in particular that had to be scratched off the tour because of mandates and they included Buffalo and Toronto.

Here's the entire video.  Be aware that the language is NSFW.

Although he doesn't name the venue that he scratched from his list, you would assume that the Buffalo venue that he was talking about would be Key Bank Center.  They have had a fully vaccinated policy in place for months now.  While the policy on masks says that "Guests who are older than 5 and are fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask but wearing a mask is strongly encouraged."

There are 26 shows on Kid Rock's upcoming tour beginning in Evansville, Indiana and it starts on April 6th.  He will end on September 16th and 17th in his hometown of Detroit.


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