There’s nothing wrong with a little Jesus in your life and it looks like you will find just that in one Western New York town.

There are about 20 different churches in East Aurora, and you can see the list of churches here

However, it seems like Jesus is on the move, with a statue making the rounds throughout the East Aurora community.

Photo Credit: Sarah Lynn via Public Facebook Thread
Photo Credit: Sarah Lynn via Public Facebook Thread

Posted by Kadie Daye on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Sarah Lynn of East Aurora noticed that there was a Jesus standing a few feet tall on her doorstep on Tuesday evening.  To whomever is doing this,” she said. “Not sure if this prank is a blessing or a curse but feel free to move him along to the next house!” East Aurora community members started to comment, with a few people saying that they also had Jesus show up on their doorstep. “We had him show up at our house a month ago” Jill Mccann said. “He was there for a day and then vanished late that night.” Kelly Berhalter Graser said her sister received a visit from Jesus, but she thinks someone else is behind these porch hops.  “Apparently some kids are dropping it off at classmates' houses and then picking it up again and taking it to another house,” Berhalter Graser wrote on Facebook. Oddly enough, in another part of town, community member Cynthia Weston found Mary sitting under the new cover bridge.  

Posted by Cynthia Weston on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Maybe it is a prank, but I think it’s a good sign when you find Jesus on your doorstep. 

Within hours, though, Jesus was on the move again. 

Sarah Lynn posted on Facebook:

Update on Jesus: He left us. Who’s next??”

Well…whoever is next…tell Jesus I said hi. 

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