Being from Western New York or if you have lived here for a couple of years you know that we have a lot of pride when it comes to being from the 716.

You see people with Buffalo tattoos or 716 gear and of course, anytime someone tries to put down the area because of the weather, we are the first people to step up and say that it isn't really that bad.

Being born and raised in West Seneca it is always cool to see someone who grew up somewhere else fall in love with being in Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills lineman Dion Dawkins has been a part of the Buffalo Bills since 2017 when the Buffalo Bills drafted him in the 2nd round of the NFL draft that year.

In the six years that he has called Western New York home during the football season, he has fallen in love with all things Buffalo.

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During the taping on the ESPYs a couple of weeks ago, he was asked what he likes about playing for the Buffalo Bills and you could just hear the love in his voice when he talked about being in the 716.

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It is so cool to see these professional athletes come to Buffalo and never leave. Two other big-time Bills players are the same way. Both Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas were drafted by the Bills and have stayed in Buffalo after their careers ended. Steve Tasker is another player who still lives in Western New York.

Dion...just know we heard you and you are welcome to stay in Buffalo for the rest of your life.

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