With the weather warming up in Buffalo, has your dog started to stick his or her head out the window of the car?  If so this is a good sign that your pup has a healthy curiosity.  Why?

Felines are not the only curious furry pets around, dogs are just as nosey.  Remember, dogs are inside most of the day, so when they get a chance to ride in your car, it's pretty exciting already.  When your dog sticks their head out of the car window, in the summer, they are basically getting a chance to explore a whole new world on multiple sensory levels.   It could be the sight of the Blue Water Tower, or the smell of Cheerios, when you drive near Riverworks.

According to the website by Matt Soniak, "The more air there is flowing over the membrane, the more scents the dogs can detect. So when a dog sticks its head out the window, it’s like pigging out at a hi-definition all-you-can-smell scent buffet."

Plus, like human, ya gotta admit, the dogs must like it because the cool wind just feels cool against their bodies.  i

So slide your car window 1/4 of the way down (gotta be safe) and let your dog get a peek/smell of your other universe, outside the old homestead.  It's healthy for us humans and our fur babies.

Check out my Dog Xena on Facebook, must admit, not nearly as cute as this dog.  :-)


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