It's National Red Wine Day, let's celebrate!



I love red wine! It is my favorite! It goes great with Chicken Parm and even Pizza. That's right, move over Pizza and beer, I'm a red wine and pizza chick! My favorite? Bella Rosa from Merritt Winery. I could indulge in that as it is soooo sweet. Concord grapes are my favorite. I do enjoy a Merlot from time to time but this is definitely my go to.

Did you know 12% of the population can down an entire bottle of red wine by on their own? Are you one of these people? I can be. Those parent/teacher conferences were always the worst and you could see me afterwards on my couch in a fetal position hugging a bottle of Bella Rosa. (Luckily those were only one time per year.)

So, are you a red wine drinker? White wine drinker? Wine spritzer drinker? Or a wine drinker at all? You know they say a glass of red wine a day is great for the soul. Or, at least, I'd like to think so.

Drink up Buffalo!


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