It's one of the coolest, new places I've seen in a while and it's in the village in Lancaster, NY (Lord knows that Lancaster could use something like this in its quest to build the village into a destination for WNY).

The mead farm is right here in Western New York and as, Lilly Mead puts it:

The farm meadery’s story began over 14 years ago, when the Marshall’s first purchased winemaking and brewing kits.
After much experimentation with ingredients and brewing techniques, Patricia thought to utilize honey, as the base for their fermented beverages. Just as a grape absorbs its terrain or terroir, affecting the taste of the wine, honey reflects the flavors from its surrounding floral environment, contributing to the body and character within the meads.

If you've never had mead, it's hard to explain it. It's almost like a "honey wine". It's made from honey, yeast and water and at Lilly Mead. You can catch live music and grab some grub at Lilly Mead.

Go check it out! After all, it's a breath of fresh air for the Village of Lancaster!

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