We all love bacon! Here are some fun facts about BACON!!!!!




How many times have you said, "Hold the bacon" in a BLT?

It's the greatest smell in the whole, entire, world

It comes from a belly of a pig

It stays in your system for three decades because our bodies can't process it

The most popular bacon to eat is hickory.  The least popular is Kevin.

One 200-pound pig produces approximately 20 pounds of pork bacon

Believe it or not, bacon had several vitamins in it...

Bacon might have several vitamins but it can also clog your arteries

Reading "Charlotte's Webb" might change your mentality on eating bacon

Some people eat Turkey Bacon... That's not real bacon

Some people like thick bacon

Some people like crispy bacon

People don't like burnt bacon

Anyone that says that you can't have bacon you need to get rid of... You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

Cuz... BACON!





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