Happy National Tequila Day Buffalo! Will you be indulging in a margarita?



Do you like your margarita frozen or on the rocks? "I'd like to take Frozen for $8.00 Bob!" Well, if you're like me, 67% of Americans prefer their margarita frozen. What about the salt on the rim? Yeah, I like to eat that first! Sooo... Yummy! Well, only 26% percent of people actually lick the salt off the rim. (I believe this is a travesty!)

76% of Americans say they like margaritas. Only 1% of American's have never indulged in a margarita because it contained Tequila. 

Tequila is Spanish for "dilated pupils." That makes sense. Tequila can wreck you pretty hard if you aren't careful.

The most expensive bottle of Tequila or "Dilated pupils" ever? It was sold in 2006 for $225,000.  Mind you, this is before someone decided to drink Tequila to make a bad decision.

Remember, if you don't indulge in a margarita and you decide to take Tequila straight, be sure to follow it with some salt and a lime. Stay safe Buffalo! Get an Uber/ LYft if you plan on drinking.

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