Father's Day is Sunday, and for most of you that are prepared for it you can sit back and relax.  For the rest of us that like to live life at the last minute, I am providing a list of a few cool items to get Dad.


As with any holiday, no matter what you get Dad he is required to like it.  How about we step up our game and make Dad happy this year instead.  After all, Dad's are actually very easy to shop for.  We love stupid things, and there are a lot of stores dedicated to that kind of stuff.  In fact, that's why Brookstone, Spencer's Gifts, and Urban Outfitters are still in business!


I compiled a quick list of my Top Gifts for Father's Day this year.  Use it as a guide and just know that Dad doesn't want a tie this year...

(in no particular order)

1. Beer Making Kit - These are all the rage today and it gives Dad an opportunity to experiment without blowing up the house.  You can find these almost everywhere and who knows, maybe he will invent the next great craft beer!  Lord knows we need more of those in Buffalo.


2. Drone - These range dramatically in price, but then again your emotions range dramatically too and Dad still loves you.  Drones are just cool and even if he won't admit it, your Dad wants one.  A tie with drones on it won't cut it!


3. Bacon Me Crazy Gift Set - Fact: Dad's love bacon.  Fact: Dad loves bacon flavored food.  Fact: If vegetables tasted like bacon we wouldn't have Dad bods.  Bacon mayo, bacon popcorn, and even maple bacon lollipops are all included in this gift set from Bestproducts.com.


4. Bills Bronze Moscow Mule Mug - Dad likes to drink the occasional Moscow Mule, and what better way then to do it with the Bill's logo on it!  Fact: This is a great way to drink off a 17 year playoff drought!


5. Funny or Cool Books - We don't have long attention spans so keep the books short and sweet.  I found this funny book of Dad jokes, and the Dad Playbook as options.  Do not get us 'War and Peace', we will use it as a paper weight.

(All of these items can be found at either Uncommongoods.com, bestproducts.com, or BuffaloBills.com.)

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